Voluntary De-Convenience is a kit of several workshops for critical tech engagement, a way of opening up conversation about the true costs of technological convenience.

The aim is not to shame but to identify places where change can be made, to invite new relationships with technology and to reframe current ones, and to recontextualize the status quo.

It became abundantly clear in the course of developing this project that meaningful change would only happen through compassionate, direct interaction – there are plenty of resources on this wild wide web of ours, but a resource is only as good as the method by which it is delivered.

So, this is a pale shadow of the project, a repository without embodiment, for some materials that can be used as a way to build relationships and encourage discourse. If you would like to use these materials for some purpose without talking to me about them, feel free. But I would love to hear from you, know what you do, engage directly in the communal effort to talk about the hard things about the technologies we live by.

All materials are open for re-use, re-mix, and re-imagining. The project is ongoing, indefinitely, because the terrain is always changing.

Workshop materials are here

External resources are here

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